Landscape Water Features

The sight and sound of flowing water is naturally soothing to the soul. Bring peace and serenity to any landscape with our unique rain curtains, raining trees and water fountains. 

Pathmark Innovation water features create the perfect ambiance for courtyards, gardens, atriums, pool areas, and any place where tranquility is invited. 

Whether the centerpiece or accent, our ornamental water features are sure to beautify and mesmerize.

All Pathmark raining trees and fountains are custom-designed for the client landscape and manufactured in the USA. 

People have always been drawn to the soothing sound of running water. And just because you’re living in the Mojave doesn’t mean you or your guests should be denied the beauty and sound of landscape water features including our custom metal fountains.  Our water features are designed to minimize water waste without compromising aesthetic appeal or functionality.

Landscape Water Features You Will Love

Pathmark Fabrication is here to help you with all your custom fountain needs. With more than 20 years in landscape construction before launching our Las Vegas metal fabrication company, our team members are uniquely attuned to what makes a custom landscape water feature truly stunning.

Some of our most popular landscape water features include:

Rain Curtain Fountains

As the name suggests, the rain curtain fountain brings the unique effect of a “curtain of rain” created by horizontally aligned nozzles on an artistic framework. A continuous, thin sheet of water is produced that provides a shimmery effect. Under some lighting conditions, it can even look like a rainbow.

Rain curtain fountains  imbue any area with a truly relaxing ambiance. You can find them in parks, gardens, commercial plazas, and residential landscapes. When you want rain curtains in Las Vegas, choose an experienced team that saves water without sacrificing aesthetics.

Our rain curtain fountains are typically made from stainless steel for the outer structure, while the nozzles are brass. The plumbing consists of stainless steel or PVC.  We provide a full spectrum of customization options for colors, design, and materials.

Adding an attached custom stainless basin makes for a self-contained unit that can be easily dropped into place and hooked to water and power.  

Raining Tree Fountains

When you want a truly unforgettable water feature in Las Vegas, you might want a raining tree fountain. The raining tree fountain is a fascinating combination of two of the most important symbols in nature, making it a perfect centerpiece for any outdoor courtyard, garden, performance space, or living area.

A custom raining tree fountain from Pathmark Fabrication can be crafted to any size from three feet up to ten feet.  They are made of copper, and there can be any number of branches, which can be symmetrical or in any other configuration you desire. You can enhance the design further with a custom stainless steel catch basin.

The acoustic properties of your raining tree fountain can be customized through the use of a pond or basin of stones to catch the water. The different options produce entirely different sounds, which adds to the unique experience. Your clients will love being able to hear rain all year round right in Las Vegas.

Other Custom Fountains

Pathmark Fabrication has more than 20 years of experience in landscape metalwork along with years of expertise in custom fountain design and construction. Whatever creative idea you have, we will realize it with the highest quality materials and the best design practices available.

All of our custom metal fountains are designed here in Las Vegas, Nevada by our in-house team with years of expertise. With any Las Vegas custom metalwork project, we start with your idea and perform several iterations of the design so we can turn your dream into a reality.

Once you approve your landscape water features design, we get right to work building it.  Most of our business is done with clients right here in Las Vegas, NV, but we can also ship custom metalwork products anywhere in the United States. Contact us to find out more or get started today.

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