Metal Landscape Elements

Outdoor Creations and Décor for Landscapes & Outdoor Living

Pathmark Fabrication creates custom metal landscape elements like steel trellises, gabion baskets, planter boxes, bed swings, custom pool railings and scuppers, and more to add function and beauty to any landscape, outdoor living, or pool area.

We were landscape contractors for over 20 years before converting to fabrication, landscape metalwork is our specialty!

While we primarily work with local landscape designers and architects in Las Vegas, NV, all of our outdoor items can be shipped nationwide

Check out our other types of fabrication: Custom Fountains or Industrial Fabrication.

Pathmark Fabrication is Vegas’ one-stop solution for metal fabrication services. Las Vegas customers and businesses can count on our expert team, which brings years of experience, along with the highest quality of customer service to our full-service metal fabrication facility. We’ll get your job done quickly and correctly within the budget you set.

When it comes to custom metal fabrication, we know that Las Vegas locals have plenty of options. Pathmark Fabrication strives to be your “go-to” metal fabrication shop in Las Vegas. Our family-owned local business is passionate about providing custom metal fabrication for business and residential customers throughout Nevada.

Our custom metal fabrication products can also be shipped nationwide.

We Provide a Wide Variety of Options for Custom Metal Fabrication

When you want custom metal fabrication that brings your vision to life, you can count on Pathmark Fabrication. We utilize several popular and specialty metal fabrication materials that run the gamut from aluminum to stainless steel, corten steel, carbon steel, copper, and more. We are always expanding our skills and offerings.

We can also enhance the appearance and longevity of your Las Vegas metal fabrication project with a spectrum of finishes, including powder coating, acrylic coating, and chemical patina as just a few potential selections. We will be glad to consult with you to help you select and customize the best approach to meet your needs.

We work with businesses in need of specialized custom metal fabrication services. Our portfolio includes successful projects in areas like landscape construction, exhibitions and event management, industrial machinery, pool construction, patio construction, outdoor living, restaurants, and hospitality.

Landscape Metalwork in Las Vegas

Define your landscape with unique outdoor creations from Pathmark Fabrication. Our Las Vegas landscape metalwork is beautiful, long-lasting, and will leave a memorable impression. Landscape metalwork is our unique specialty thanks to 20 years in the landscaping industry before launching our metal fabrication company. We can design and fabricate virtually anything you can imagine!

Some of our most popular landscape metal fabrication products in Las Vegas include:

  • Trellises
  • Planter Boxes
  • Gabion Baskets
  • Moon Gate Structures
  • Decorative Shade Panels
  • Ornamental Pieces
  • Trash Can Concealment Panels
  • Rain Curtain Water Features
  • Specialty Water Features
  • Outdoor Bed Swings
  • Pool Scuppers and Railings

Custom Fountains and Water Features in Las Vegas

Nothing says luxury and sophistication like a custom water feature in Las Vegas. You can bring a lasting sense of tranquility into any setting with our rain curtains, raining trees, and custom water fountains. We elevate your outdoor focal points with atriums, courtyards, gardens, and pool areas. We can fabricate custom Las Vegas water features of any desired shape and size while optimizing them to help you save water.

General Metal Fabrication in Las Vegas

With our expertise in precision welding services, custom metal fabrication, and plasma cutting, we are a trusted name in general metal fabrication. Businesses feel confident returning with more projects.  We can fabricate metal staircases, scaffolding, railings, and industrial equipment to meet the needs of any workplace or event. Our metal fabrication experts are always on hand to discuss your project before you commit.

No custom metal fabrication job is too big or too complex for Pathmark Fabrication. To find out more about custom metal fabrication services in Las Vegas, contact us today. We look forward to helping you soon.

Pathmark Innovation, LLC, also manufactures it’s own line of professional modern style path lighting. Visit PathmarkLumination.com.