Steel Trellises

Pathmark Fabrication custom steel trellises are versatile and attractive and have been used to beautify Las Vegas landscapes for over a decade. Functionally speaking, they are meant to support and enhance the growth of climbing plants, vines, and other ornamental vegetation. However, they are also great for adding privacy and visual appeal to an outdoor space. Our custom trellises are typically constructed from steel which offers durability, strength, and a modern aesthetic that can complement various landscape styles. They can be powder-coated in any color. Corten steel can also be used for a rustic look.

Landscape designers sometimes worry that steel trellises will conduct too much heat, and the climbing plants won’t thrive. We’ve been supplying metal trellises for many years now and are happy to say Las Vegas plants do just fine! Most plants that can handle the intense Vegas sun can also thrive on our beautiful custom trellises. Even the more sensitive plants do well if they are on an east-facing wall.

Steel trellises are typically bolted to a wall or fence, so they are fully secured and safe from harming pets or children. This is a better alternative to many wooden trellises which are often only leaning against a surface with no fasteners tempting animals and children to climb on them.

Overall, steel custom trellises are a stylish and functional addition to any landscape, offering a unique way to incorporate vertical elements, showcase plants, and enhance the overall beauty of your outdoor space! For more information about the benefits of incorporating steel trellises into landscapes, click here.

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