Outdoor Bed Swings

Pathmark Fabrication outdoor bed swings are stylish pieces of furniture that combine the comfort of a bed with the relaxing motion of a swing. The gentle swinging motion can have a soothing effect. They offer a unique way to unwind, de-stress, and enjoy the natural surroundings. They also provide an alternative seating or lounging option compared to traditional patio furniture like chairs and sofas.

Pathmark outdoor bed swings are completely customizable. We can make them in any standard mattress size–from crib size to king size. We can also add runners for curtains or shades. They are typically powder-coated in any specified color.

Outdoor bed swings are designed for relaxation! Add some comfortable cushions, pillows, and blankets to create a cozy spot to lounge, read, nap, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

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