Family-owned and operated, Pathmark Fabrication performs custom metal fabrication and plasma cutting for a wide range of industries in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas. We are design experts and thrive on projects that require thinking beyond traditional constraints. We are happy to help at any stage of your metal fabrication design process. Whether you come with complete specifications or just an idea, we will create your project with quality and efficiency.

With 20+ Years in the Landscape Industry, We Specialize in Custom Metal Fabrication Landscape Structures and Embellishments, Including:

Custom trellises support the growth of climbing plants, vines, and other ornamental vegetation as part of your unique landscaping. Our custom trellises are usually made from steel or aluminum and enhance the privacy and visual appeal of any location.

Custom metal planter boxes are the ideal solution for adding dimension and aesthetics to your landscaping. You simply come to us with your idea and we’ll do the rest. We fabricate any kind of steel raised bed or steel planter box to suit your needs.

Custom gabion baskets (also known as custom gabion boxes) are large, wire mesh containers that can be filled with rocks, concrete, sand, or soil. We fabricate gabion baskets for your project including barbecue islands, fire pits, bench supports, countertop bases, and decorative columns, among others.

The moon gate is a classic element found in traditional Chinese architecture and landscaping. With custom metal fabrication, we deliver a modern take. A moon gate is a circular opening or entrance in a garden or yard adding contemporary appeal and an aesthetic centerpiece for an area.

Our decorative privacy panels use the best in custom metal fabrication to give you peace of mind.  Homeowners love adding beauty and organization with these eye-catching panels. They can enclose the back porch, add artistry to a wall, or help divide up a patio.

  • Ornamental Pieces

The sky’s the limit when it comes to ornamental metal pieces from Pathmark Fabrication. Our ornamental pieces come in a wide variety of colors, metals, details, and finishes. Our expertise in the world of custom metal fabrication ensures you can get exactly what you want and realize your vision.

A little bit of shade can make a big difference in landscaping, enhancing your ability to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Our decorative shade panels are beautiful, durable, and practical. We easily add horizontal and vertical shade to any space.

  • Trash Can Concealment Panels

Tired of looking at your unsightly trash can, but still need it to be in a convenient location? Enhance your curb appeal with trash can concealment panels. Custom metal fabrication is key to trash can concealment panels that complement your landscaping exactly.

Rain curtain fountains are the most striking water features around. No matter what shape, size, color, or material you have in mind, Pathmark Fabrication can create your masterpiece. With our rain curtains, we offer the option of a custom stainless steel basin for a lifetime of reliable retention.

Creativity and solid, durable construction are the hallmarks of custom water features from Pathmark Fabrication. Our specialty water features use stainless steel for the outer structure, brass nozzles, and stainless steel or PVC plumbing, all optimized for a long service life.

Outdoor bed swings give you the best of both worlds by combining the comfort of a bed with the unbeatable relaxation of a swing. Our customizable outdoor bed swings can be fabricated in any standard mattress size from crib to king.

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When it comes to custom pool metalwork, our team frequently works directly with pool builders to create specialized details that you won’t see anywhere else. These include decorative scuppers, pool railings, framing, and even custom adjustable pool loungers.

Other industries we serve include exhibition & events, industrial machinery, pool construction, outdoor living & patio construction, restaurants, etc.

We work with a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, corten steel, carbon steel, copper, and more. We also provide a variety of finishes including powder coating, acrylic coating, and chemical patina.

We take pride in our friendly service, quality work, and completing projects on time.

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Pathmark Innovation, LLC, also manufactures its line of professional modern-style outdoor path lighting. Visit PathmarkLumination.com.